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The AMC-K2L-RF2 is a low-cost, high performance ARM and DSP based processing card which includes two integrated wideband RF transceiver channels, all in the compact Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) form factor. It is designed to support wireless baseband processing and a 2x2 MIMO air interface in radio test systems, small cells, and UEs for standard or specialised LTE and LTE-Advanced systems up to and beyond Release 10.

The module's main processor is the TCI6630K2L KeyStone II DSP/ARM SoC. It includes four C66x+ DSP cores, as well as two ARM CortexTM-A15 cores for higher layer processing. A TI AFE7500 analog front end provides flexible, high quality RF capabilities.

Key Features

  • Texas Instruments TCI6630K2L SoC DSP

  • TI AFE7500 RF front end

  • Low cost, flexible card for small cells or as RRH

  • 2 RF channels, covering frequencies from 700MHz to 4GHz

  • Can be used standalone or in larger MicroTCA system

  • Flexible, high bandwidth I/O via Ethernet, CPRI and PCIe