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100G Dual Slot, Full Mesh, 3U ATCA Chassis

The VT834 features full-mesh configuration that provides unprecedented performance density. This allows the dual ATCA slots exceptional connectivity across the backplane at 100G per port. The backplane connects the two slots, 16 Fabric channels and the 14 Base channels to each other. Base channels one and two of each slot are connected to the layer 2 GbE managed switch. The GbE switch has four GbE ports routed to the front of the chassis.

The two slots support up to 400W for each module, allowing the use of a high-power host processor and FPGA blades. Additional I/O is available through two standard ATCA RTMs.

The VT834 has full redundancy support for all FRUs, including the dual Shelf Managers.

Power Supply

The VT834 is capable of providing single input power or redundant input power.

Cooling and Temperature Sensors

The VT834 has intelligent Cooling Units. The cooling airflow is from right to left. The removable air filter has a switch to detect its presence and can be monitored for when it needs to be replaced. Temperature sensors in the chassis monitor the intake and the outtake air temperature throughout the chassis.

Shelf Manager and GbE Switch

The Chassis has the option of dual shelf management for redundancy. The shelf Manager has an integrated layer two managed switch onboard.

Key Features

  • 19" rackmount 3U ATCA Chassis

  • Two ATCA Slots with dual RTM. One Slot can be 9 HP (Standard Slot size 6 HP)

  • 100G across the backplane

  • Full redundancy for all FRUs

  • Redundant AC or DC Power Modules

  • Redundant push/pull cooling configuration

  • Integrated dual shelf managers with GbE Managed Layer 2 Ethernet Switch

  • ESD Jack