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LS1046A Processor, 3U VPX

The VPX708 is a Layerscape Processor in 3U VPX form factor based on the NXP LS1046A (quad core) processor. It has x8 PCIe Gen3 or Dual x4 PCIe Gen3 to P1.

The module also has dual 10GbE, dual GbE, dual USB3.0 and dual RS-232 to P1.The Unit has an XMC site and the XMC I/O is routed as X24s+X8d+X12d to P2.

The module provides Serial Over Lan (SOL) to access the module serial port over IP.

VPX708 comes with 8 GB of DDR4 memory with ECC, 128 MB NOR flash, 8 MB SPI flash, 512 KB I2C flash, and 64 GB of eMMC.

Key Features

  • VPX 3U NXP Layerscape LS1046A (A72 Core)

  • 8 GB DDR4 with ECC

  • x8 PCIe Gen3 or dual x4 PCIe Gen3 to P1

  • Dual 10GbE to P1

  • Dual GbE to P1

  • 64 GB of Flash

  • Dual USB3.0

  • Serial Over Lan (SOL)

  • XMC site per VITA 42 and VITA46.9 for XMC I/O

  • Conduction Cooled option available

  • Health Management through dedicated Processor