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The ATC133 is an ATCA carrier that supports four full-size single module AMC slots (or two full-size double module slots). The Carrier has a 10GbE managed switch, a Xilinx V7 FPGA with a Cross Bar Switch (CBS) which mates directly to a full-mesh backplane. The CBS allows any combination of the backplane ports to be routed to the FPGA.

The on-board Power PC runs Linux operating systems which manage the 10GbE switch, loading of the FPGA image as well as the CBS. The carrier can provide over 280W to the AMC modules.

An RTM can be ordered separately, contact VadaTech for details.


  • 10G Managed Layer 2 switch performance with the versatility of 4 full-size AMC slots

  • Quad 10GbE ports routed to RTM (Zone 3)

  • Design utilizes proven VadaTech subcomponents and engineering techniques

  • Electrical, mechanical, software, and system-level expertise in house

  • Full ecosystem of front and rear boards, enclosures, specialty modules, and test/dev products from one source

Key Features

  • 10G ATCA Carrier

  • Managed Layer 2 software

  • Four full-size AMC slots

  • Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA (XC7V690T in FFG1761 package)

  • Crossbar switch to connect FPGA to full mesh of backplane fabric

  • 2x XAUI ports and 2x GbE ports for each AMC slot

  • 4x XAUI ports for RTM expansion

  • Utilizes VadaTech’s proven IPMI Management Controller