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ATCA Rugged Blade Processor with Dual Xeon Cascade Lake-SP, 100G Ethernet

The ATC129 is a high performance ATCA processor blade featuring dual 24 core Intel® Xeon® processors, each with six banks of memory providing up to a total of 384 GB DDR4 memory with ECC.

ATC129 is versatile in connectivity and includes two 100GbE Fabric Interfaces, PCIe to RTM expansion, dual GbE base Interfaces, dual front panel GbE egress Ports, front panel Micro USB (RS-232), USB 3.0 Ports and front panel VGA connector. On-board mSATA storage is available for local boot.

The ATCA blade is PXI-boot capable via any of the on-board Ethernet interfaces. It offers Serial over LAN (SOL) utilizing Hardware Random Number Generation (RNG) to form a secure session.

The ATC129 has dual redundant BIOS-boot capability with multiple WDTs for fail-safe, before and after OS boot. The ATC129 has a on board FPGA which allows secure boot of the system. The FPGA can be reprogrammed by the customer to meet their security requirement.

The Unit uses one of the most feature rich Health Management Module in the industry, incorporating HTTP and HTTPS support, Web Interface, added security with SSL, multiple user permission level, etc.

The ATC129 can be ruggedized for harsh environments. See customer ordering options for conformal coating.

Key Features

  • Dual socket 24-core Intel® Xeon® Platinum Processors - Scalable Performance (SP)

  • Multiple SKU support (i.e. 8260, 8256, 8253, 6234, 6246, 6252, etc.)

  • Twelve banks of DDR4 for up to 384 GB with ECC per socket (total of 768 GB)

  • Dual 100G ethernet to Zone TwoDual 10/100/1000Base-T Base Channels

  • Dual 10GbE Copper via front panel

  • Dual USB 3.0

  • IPMI Management Controller with Serial Over LAN capabilities (SOL)

  • BIOS redundancy boot with multiple Watch Dog Timers (WDTs) for fail-over, before and after BIOS boot