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Dual NVMe Solid State Drives, FMC Storage and RS-485/422, Singled Ended +3.3V

The FMC257 is a storage module with dual NVMe storage SSD which provides high speed and low latency read/write. The module allows the FPGA to access a large capacity of storage in a compact space. The FMC257 interfaces to the carrier via dual PCIe x4 (DP0-3 and DP4-7).

The storage has option for SED which is hardware-based AES-256 Encryption engine.

Further the FMC257 provides eight RS-485/422 RX plus eight RS-485/422 TX, and eight single-ended +3.3V input or outputs (user configurable per I/O).

The RS-485/422 configuration can be selected as full-duplex RS-422 (independent RX/TX pairs with RX termination) or half-duplex RS-485 (RX/TX pairs tied together, no termination on board) based on the ordering option. The FMC257 can provide power of up to 12W to an external module.

Key Features

  • FMC Compact storage module

  • FMC with dual NVMe type Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • High performance with dual PCIe Gen3 x4 interface

  • Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) option

  • 8 x RS-485/RS422 TX with speed up to 20 Mbps

  • 8 x RS-485/RS422 RX with speed up to 52 Mbps

  • 8 x Singled-ended +3.3 V input or output