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The Module Management Controller (MMC) Software allows quick development of AMCs without prior IPMI knowledge. It provides all the mandatory IPMI functionality required by the μTCA, MCTA.4 and AMC specifications, thus allowing easy and fast development of AMCs.

The MMC Software is a cost effective solution that enables very fast development of AMCs. There are no royalties and for the standard version there aren't any upfront costs. The standard version of the MMC Software can be customized to fulfill any particular requirements.

The software is accompanied by reference schematics and a complete set of GUI compilers for the SDR and FRU files.

The standard version of the software is the starting point for all AMC designs. It supports the Hot Swap Handle, Blue Led, Led1 and Led2.

The MMC Software is compliant to HPM.1 and thus can be easily upgraded over IPMB-L using a MCH with no need for external cables or custom software.

The MMC Software can implement discrete, temperature, voltage, current, fan or OEM sensors .

The SDRs for the standard version of software implement only a basic set of sensors. Samway's MMC Software is easy to use and has flexible ordering options. It can be delivered on a preprogrammed micro controller or as source code (the IPMI library is delivered as object code). The microcontroller used is a Freescale Kinetis K10 hosted in a 64 pin LQFP package that needs 10 mm x 10 mm of PCB space.

Key features

  • Compliant to IPMI 2.0.

  • Compliant to MCTA.4:

  • Compliant to HPM.1 firmware upgrade

  • Easy to integrate

  • Flexible ordering options:

    • preprogrammed microcontroller

    • source code

  • Evaluation Board Available

  • Reference Designs Provided

  • GUI software for configuration

  • Cost Effective:

    • No upfront costs for standard version

    • No royalties

  • Analog inputs  for voltage, current or  temperature measurements

  • External I2C for temperature measurements and communication with payload

  • External thermal-diode for monitoring FPGA,or in-chip sensors

  • Hot swap switch input, LEDs and payload power control outputs