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Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC FPGA, AMC

The AMC573 utilizes the Xilinx XCZU28DR RFSoC. The AMC is compliant to AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and AMC.4 specifications. The unit has an on-board, re-configurable FPGA which interfaces directly to the AMC FCLKA, TCLKA-D. The module has dual bank of 64-bit wide DDR-4 memory with ECC for a total of 16 GB. This allows for large buffer sizes to be stored during processing as well as for queuing the data to the host.

The front panel has 18 high density RF Coaxial style connectors which brings into the RFSoC the 8 ADC (12-bit at 4 GSPS) and 8 DAC (14-bit at 6.4 GSPS). In addition, there are Trig-in Trig-out as well as clock inputs via the front panel.   The front panel also has the interface to the DisplayPort, dual USB, RS-232 ports as well as dual high-density connector for external I/O (RS-422 and single ended 3.3 V).

The XCZU28DR includes a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 application processing unit and dual-core Cortex-R5 real-time processing as well as over 4,200 DSP, 930 K logic cells and over 60 Mb of internal memory (including 22.5 Mb of UltraRAM).   The chip also includes a soft-decision FEC block supporting low-density parity check (LDPC) decode/encode and Turbo decode for use in 5G wireless, backhaul, DOCSIS, and LTE applications.

The Module has on board 64 GB of Flash, 128 MB of boot flash and an SD Card as an option.

Key Features

  • Xilinx UltraScale+ RFSoC XCZU28DR FPGA

  • 8 ADC/DAC to the front

  • 8 GB of 64-bit wide DDR-4 Memory (single bank) with ECC to CPU

  • 8 GB of 64-bit wide DDR-4 Memory (single bank to Fabric)

  • MPSoC with block RAM and UltraRAM

  • SD Card (option)

  • 128 MB of boot Flash

  • 64 GB of user Flash