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Xeon E3-1268L计算板

The ATC123 is a Carrier Module with an on board x16 PCIe Gen3 slot (only x8 PCIe is routed to the slot) to accept any standard PCIe edge type module. The module has dual 40GbE going to the Fabric channels and dual GbE to the base channels. It comes with 32GB of ECC memory. It has four USB 3.0, DP, VGA, RS232, and dual GbE on the front panel. The ATC123 has an option for Trusted Platform Management (TPM).

The ATC123 can accommodate a dual width PCIe module with the dual width ATCA front panel option, expanding the board pitch from 1.2” to 2.4”.

Key Features

  • ATCA Processing Carrier with a standard PCIe edge Module

  • Xeon E3-1268L V3 Processor with 32 GB ECC

  • Quad Core @ 2.3 GHz or Turbo Frequency @ 3.3 GHzx16 standard PCIe Gen 3 slot (only x8 routed)

  • Dual 40GbE to Fabric channels, Dual GbE to Base channels and Dual GbE to the front panel

  • Dual Display Port (DP) and VGA

  • TPM (Optional)