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6U VPX, Zynq UltraScale+ 双FMC载卡

The VPX580 is a 6U VPX FPGA Carrier with dual FMC (VITA 57) interfaces. The unit has an on-board, re-configurable FPGA which interfaces directly to the VPX P1 connector, FMC DP0-9 and all FMC LA/HA/HB pairs.

The FPGA has interface to a single DDR4 memory channel (64-bit wide). This allows for large buffer sizes to be stored during processing as well as for queuing the data to the host.

The VPX580 is based on Xilinx UltraScale+ XCZU19EG MPSoC FPGA with dual FMC sites.

The FPGA has 1968 DSP Slices and 1143K logic cells. The XCZU19EG includes a quad-core ARM processor.

The module has on board 64 GB of Flash, 128 MB of boot flash and an SD Card as an option.

Key Features

  • Xilinx UltraScale+ XCZU19EG FPGA

  • Dual FMC sites

  • 8 GB of 64-bit wide DDR-4 Memory (single bank) with ECC

  • MPSoC with block RAM and UltraRAM

  • SD Card (option)

  • 128 MB of boot Flash

  • 64 GB of user Flash

  • Double module, mid-size