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8U, 6个 3U 槽位

he VTX660 is an 8U VPX chassis with six 3U VPX slots. The chassis can accept 0.8-inch, 0.85-inch and 1.0-inch pitch modules. The chassis is ideal for commercial deployment.

Power Supplies

The VTX660 has dual AC input power supplies to provide 800W with redundancy (1+1). The chassis supplies 95W/slot and the AC input is universal.

Cooling and Temperature Sensors

The VTX660 provides cooling to the VPX slots designed to meet ANSI/VITA 65 providing 18 CFM per slot at 0.24 in-H2O @ 5000 feet. The VTX660 provides push/pull cooling to the RTM slots.


The backplane provides five 3U VPX payload slots in a star configuration, fully compliant to VITA 46.0 baseline specification with additional support to the RTMs, compliant to VITA 46.10 and OpenVPX VITA65.


There is an optional JTAG Switch Module to provide JTAG access to the front.

Key Feature

  • 8U Open VPX rackmount system platform

  • Dedicated Switch/management slot

  • Up to five 3U VPX payload slots

  • Compatible with 0.8-inch, 0.85-inch and 1.0-inch modules

  • Support for Rear Transition Modules (RTMs)

  • Redundant cooling in push/pull front-to-back airflow configuration

  • Optional JTAG Switch Module (JSM)