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3U OpenVPX  PCIe交换板,带智能管理

The VadaTech VPX004 is the most feature-rich VPX Switch with healthmanagement in the market. Its management software is based on VadaTech’srobust Carrier Manager and Shelf Manager which have been deployed foryears with proven results. The MCMC manages the Power Modules, CoolingUnits, and up to 12 payload modules within the chassis. It also manages thePCIe Gen3 switch and the standard GbE with 10GbE uplink Base Channelswitch. The Ethernet switch is managed with an enterprise grade Layer 2 or 3switching/routing stack which supports Synchronous Ethernet.

The VPX004 runs Linux on its centralized quad-core CPU and is fullyredundant when used in conjunction with a second instance of the module. Thefirmware is HPM.2 compliant which allows for easy upgrades. It providesoptional Master JTAG services to the payload modules via the JSM. TheVPX004 has advanced clocking features including grand master clock andhigh-quality clock distribution/synthesis.

Key Features

  • Unified 1GHz quad-core CPU for, Shelf Manager,and Fabric management

  • Automatic fail-over with redundant VPX004

  • 1GbE base switch with dual 100/1000/10G uplink

  • Full Layer 3 managed Ethernet switch

  • Non-blocking PCIe Gen 3

  • PLL synthesizer for generating any clockfrequency disciplined to GPS/SyncE/IEEE1588

  • VITA-46 and VITA-65 compliant