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3U ATCA Hybrid Chassis with 8 AMCs (Mid-size), Forced Air Cooled

The VT836 offers unprecedented performance density with 1 ATCA node slotand 8 mid-size, single width AMCs in 3U height. Typically, only 4 mid-sized AMCs can fit on an ATCA carrier, with VadaTech’s unique design, 8 AMCs can fit in a single chassis to provide AMC’s versatility of processors, FPGAs, storage,graphics, I/O options and much more. Double-width AMCs can also be implemented.

Additional I/O is available through a standard ATCA RTM. The VT836 has full redundancy support for all FRUs, including dual Shelf Managers.

Key Features

  • Rugged 19” rack mount 3U ATCA Hybrid AMC Chassis

  • 1x ATCA slot, 8 mid-size AMC slots and1x ATCA RTM slots

  • x8 PCIe Gen3, x4 SRIO Gen3, or Layer 2 / 3 managed 10GbE / 40GbE dual XAUI

  • Integrated dual shelf managers, switch and AMC carrier

  • Front to back forced air cooling

  • Passive Backplane

  • Internal Orifice Plate Provision to Optimize Airflow

  • High Strength .190-32 UNF-2A Captive Fastener Front Mounting Provision

  • Rear Mechanical Support Provision via dagger pin receptacles

  • Full redundancy for all FRUs

  • Redundant AC or DC Power Modules