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Cavium CN6880 Processor AMC

The AMC738 utilizes the 32 Core Cavium Octeon II Processor that combines with a Xilinx V7 (XC7VX690T) FPGA to provide 100GbE via the CFP2 module. The CFP2 module could utilize 4 x 25 Gbps lanes or 10 x 10 Gbps lanes. The module follows the AMC.1, AMC.2 and AMC.4 specification. The FPGA has a single bank of 64-bit wide DDR3 memory.

The module has dual GbE going to ports 1 and 2 with additional dual GbE on the front panel. Ports 4-7 are dedicated for PCIe or XAUI, while ports 8-11 run as XAUI.

Linux OS is standard on the AMC738, consult VadaTech for other options.

Key Features

  • 100G, with Virtex-7 FPGA

  • Cavium™ Octeon II CN6880 multi-core

  • 32GBytes of DDR3 with ECC

  • Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA

  • 100GbE via CFP2

  • Standard double module AMC form factor

  • Complies to AMC.1, AMC.2 and AMC.4

  • RTC with 8MB NOR

  • On-board SDHC socket for mass storage

  • Dual GbE on the front panel

  • IPMI 2.0 compliant