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High speed 16 ADC at 3 GSPS with Synchronous Capture

The VT988 is a compact data acquisition module with Virtex-7XC7VX485T FPGA. The 16 TI ADC08B3000 ADC can capture data in synchronous fashion. The front I/O has clocks, trigger and enable signals through SMC connectors. The front panel also provides a JTAG header for programming and debugging the FPGA.

The VT988 has an NVIDIA Jetson TX1 System on Module integrated.The Jetson TX1 has 64-bit quad core ARM cortex-A57 CPU and 256-core Maxwell GPU to provide 1 TFLOP/s processing. The front panel routes GPIO, HDMI video and three USB interfaces.

The VT988 has a Layer 2 Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch which provide quad GbE through RJ-45 interface to the front panel and allows interconnection among the subsystem.

Key Features

  • Xilinx Virtex-7 XC7VX485T FPGA

  • NVidia Jetson TX1 System on Module

  • TI ADC08B3000 8-bit @ 3 GSPS

  • 16 ADC for synchronous capture

  • Managed Layer 2 GbE Switch