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μTCA JTAG Switch Module (JSM)

The UTC007 power comes from the management (+3.3V) or the payload (+12V) depending on the chassis configuration. The UTC007 consumes less than 55mW. The front connector is standard 0.1 header which mates to most JTAG modules. There are three Arbitrated Master ports (2 MCH and the front/rear connector). The secondary ports are auto detected if they are present. The modules provides transparent communication between the Master and a selected secondary port. All configuration modes uses IEEE1149.1 TAP controller. The JTAG can operate with up to 50MHz clock.

Key Features

  • JTAG Switch Module (JSM) per μTCA specification

  • Provides Transparent Communications between the Arbitrated Master and a selected Secondary Port

  • Mates directory to the Chassis that have the JSM connector

  • Support for 12 AMC, 2 MCH, 4 Power Module, 2 Cooling units and Front/Rear (21 Ports)

  • Operations via Front/Back, or the two MCH

  • Auto-detection of Port Presence

  • Three Arbitrated Master ports

  • Configuration Mode Uses IEEE 1149.1 TAP controller

  • Operation up to 50MHz

  • LED for Activity, Master Grant, Secondary port selection