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AMC GPS Disciplined Oscillator

The AMC003 provides an accurate local clock frequency to a μTCA/ATCA system which is derived from a GPS 1PPS signal. The local oscillator is disciplined to provide the desired clock frequency and is constantly monitored and adjusted to account for oscillator drift and aging. An internal 1PPS generated signal is also provided which is phase aligned to the reference 1PPS signal. The re-generated 1PPS signal remains present even during holdover when the 1PPS would otherwise be unavailable from the GPS receiver.

A Stratum 3 VCTCXO is used to provide excellent holdover stability. Front panel indicators clearly show the status of the system including the presence and validity of the reference 1PPS, the frequency lock status, and the phase lock status. The module has a serial port in the front that enables advanced configuration and monitoring support. Locking/holdover status is also available via IPMI sensors.

Key Features

ØSingle module, compact size (mid size or full size)

ØAccepts GPS 1PPS reference signal via front panel SMB connector

ØProvides 1PPS output to the front panel via SMB connector and to the rear

ØProvides precisely disciplined 30.72 MHz or 10 MHz (other frequencies are available upon request)

ØProvides the disciplined clock to the front panel via SMB connector and to the rear

ØProvides re-generated 1PPS signal even during holdover

ØFlexible clock input/output routing

ØStratum 3 oscillator w/ automatic holdover

ØLED indication for Reference OK, Frequency lock, Phase lock, and holdover

ØIPMI 2.0 compliant


ØRoHS compliant