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AMC Time And Frequency GPS Module

The AMC004 provides a complete GPS bus-level timing solution to a μTCA/ATCA system. The on-board GPS receiver is used to discipline the local oscillator and cancel out any oscillator drift or aging. Precision UTC timestamps and GPS location/time/status are all made available via PCIe/SRIO registers to the host CPU/application. Time trigger output and time event interrupts synchronized to GPS UTC are available under host control. GPS location/time/status data Broadcast/Unicast output via backplane Ethernet with selectable bonding/failover behavior. The disciplined clock, 1PPS, divided-down clock, and time trigger may be output in any combination to the TCLKA / TCLKB / TCLKC / TCLKD backplane channels. PPS IN synchronization pulse usually comes from the on-board GPS but can alternatively come from the front/back inputs if the GPS signal is not available.

A backup battery or SuperCap provides non-volatile storage of the Almanac, Ephemeris, and Last position data to enable rapid “warm start” re-acquisition usually within 35 seconds. The module has a serial port in the front that enables advanced configuration and monitoring support. Locking/holdover status is also available via IPMI sensors. A secondary serial port enables NMEA data in/out.

Key Features

ØAMC.1 PCIe x1, AMC.4 SRIO x1, single module, compact size (mid size or full size)

ØOn board GPS receiver

ØAccepts active +3.3V GPS antenna

Ø100ns precision UTC timestamps, system status and GPS positions via PCIe/SRIO

ØTSIP data Broadcast/Unicast via Ethernet w/ bonding/failover

ØNMEA serial out and serial in

ØBattery or SuperCap Almanac/Ephemeris/Last position backup

Ø1PPS PCIe/SRIO interrupt, time events, time trigger for overall system synchronization

Ø1PPS signal output to the front panel SMB and to the rear

ØOptional PPS IN when GPS not available

ØDisciplined clock output to the front panel SMB and to the rear

ØProvides re-generated 1PPS signal even during holdover

ØFlexible clock input/output routing

ØStratum 3 oscillator w/ automatic holdover