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The VT865 is a 5U μTCA chassis that provides 10 AMC full size slots that can accept any AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and/or AMC.4. It provides FCLK, TCLKA, TCLKB, TCLKC and TCLKD to each slot with clock redundancy between the two MCH modules. The VT865 is capable of having redundant MCH, Power Modules, and Cooling Units for high availability. The CLK3 option can be configured for the Fabric clock, Telcom clock, or Fabric B. There is an option for Port 2 and 3 to be directly connected among the adjacent AMCs or to the fabric B (AMC.3 SATA/SAS switch option on the MCH). The chassis also routes ports 12-15 to 17-20 of the adjacent slot. The VT865 has a Telco Alarm as well as Redundant FRU information devices and carrier locators.


  • Utilizes VadaTech’s proven 2nd generation shelf manager

  • Design utilizes proven VadaTech subcomponents and engineering techniques

  • Electrical, mechanical, software, and system-level expertise in house

Key Features

  • 5U μTCA System Platform

  • 19” x 5U x 10.5” deep (with handles 12” deep)

  • Full redundancy with dual MicroTCA Carrier Hubs (MCHs) and Power Modules (PMs)

  • Up to 10 AMCs: 10 full size

  • Radial I2C bus to each AMC

  • Dual Star passive 30 layer backplane

  • Redundant FRU information devices and carrier locator

  • 1000W AC Power supply option

  • Telco Alarm

  • FCLKA, TCLKA, TCLKB, TCLKC and TCLKD with advanced redundancy capability

  • No active components on the backplane

  • ESDJack at the top front