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TMS320C6670 & Virtex-7 FPGA 基带处理模块

The AMC-V7-2C6670 is a high performance DSP/FPGA card designed for wireless processing applications including 4G, LTE and LTE Advanced.

There are two Texas Instruments TMS320C6670 multicore DSPs and a Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA.

An IDT CPS-1848 Gen2 SRIO switch provides off-board communications at up to 25Gbaud per port. Flexible high-speed optical links, suitable for a range of applications, are provided by three front panel SFP+ optical interfaces at up to 10.3 Gbaud, which link to either the FPGA or DSPs (specified at purchase).

The AMC-V7-2C6670 includes a high density XC7VX415T-2 Virtex-7 FPGA. Other FPGA options are available.
Should applications require timing and synchronisation, this is achieved via the front panel or backplane clock I/O, enabling the module to sync easily to other equipment.Should modifications be required to make this product fit your OEM requirements, CommAgility can support your needs through customisation or providing additional software and firmware.

Key Features

  • 2 Texas Instruments TMS320C6670 DSPs each with 4 1.2GHz C66x cores

  • Xilinx Virtex-7 VX415T FPGA

  • 3 SFP+ sockets connected to the FPGA GTH ports or optionally to the DSP AIF2 ports

  • Gen2 RapidIO infrastructure between DSPs, FPGA, front panel and AMC.4

  • Optional GPS receiver

  • Full Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure

  • Single width, full-size AMC card