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The ATC114 is VadaTech second generation AdvancedTCA AMC carrier that provides six compact size AMC and one compact/mid/full size slots that can accept any AMC.1 and/or AMC.2. In addition, slot B4/B2 ports 2 and 3 are routed directly to slots B3/B1 per AMC.3 specification. The ATC114 can be connected via the PCIe up/downstream port to other server blades or additional carriers such as the ATC103/ATC104/ATC105/ATC106/ATC107/ATC108 or  ATC109. The ATC114 can be utilized in distributed as well as non-distributed applications. Any of the ATC114 slots can be used as the upstream port (root complex). If the root complex is not a PrAMC, the ATC114 may use an external blade as its root complex.  

The ATC114 supports Non-Transparent mode on any of its AMC slots. This feature allows two root complexes to co-exist in the same system. In addition, the ATC114 has a managed layer 2 switch GbE switch which connects to seven of the AMC slots. The IPMI management handles, thermal, E-keying,communication to the shelf etc.  

Key Features

ØSeven AMC.1 and/or AMC.2 slots

ØSlot B4 ports 2 and 3 to B3 per AMC.3

ØSlot B2 ports 2 and 3 to B1 per AMC.3

ØPCIe up/down stream

ØPCIe expansion to ATC103/104/105/106/107/108/109/11 4/118 or any external host

Ø48-lane PCI Express Gen2 switch

ØManaged layer 2 GbE switch

ØThe RMT pinout is to the common pinout definition which mates to RTM’s such as VadaTech ART112, ART113, ART114, etc.

ØIPMI 2.0 compliant

ØOS support for: